Ghosts in the Landscape is a visual journey through New Zealand in search of aspects of the countryside that resonate in that country’s national psyche.

These ‘ghosts’ take many forms, memorials of wars and events, in places/locations of disasters such as Mt Erebus in Antarctica or past conflicts such as the ancient battlefield of Ruapekapeka, site of conflict between the British army and Maori.

Then there are the smaller things, like the old abandoned houses, discarded rusting cars of bygone eras, or the prolific red sheds scattered throughout the land.

Finally there is the haunting power and grandeur of New Zealand’s diverse landscape; sometimes beautiful, in its quiet still moments, other times terrifying, in its stormy violent moods.

These markers of the past, waypoints in the swirling waters of history help New Zealander’s navigate their way forward into the future and, at least in part, help shape them as a people and a nation.


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